Travel Gear You need.

It’s a Big World, Be Prepared.

You’re about to head off for an adventure, but before you take a step out your front door make sure you have the gear you need. Here are my recommendations for the top 5 must have travel companions.

        1. A Good Bag.
          – Theft proof
          -Comfortable to Carry
          -Fashionable enough to dress up, or dress down.
          Our example is this Amazon Anti-Theft Sling bag.  The gray and teal make it look like a standard day bag, the security makes it practical.
        2. An RFID Wallet
          -Protection from RFID
          -A  handy way to keep passport and cards organized
          -A second layer of organization.
          Our favorite is this Dew Travel Wallet, again on Amazon.
          It’s compact, comes in a couple of colors and fits well in our back.
          It works as a clutch at the airport, so we’re not digging through our bags looking for those things we needed.
        3. Packing Cubes
          -Organization is key!
          -Keep things in their place!
          -Quarantine for dirty clothes as you travel.
          -No digging around in heaps of clothes.
          We like these pink ones because we know that we’ll never leave one behind. You can, of course, get a color that matches your luggage.
        4. A Notebook and Cover. 
          -Keep track of the details, don’t rely on digital devices.
          -Invest in smaller notebooks with a cover, swap out the notebooks as you finish your journey.-The field notes size is easy to write in, but not bulky.
          -The notebooks are cheap, so if you lose one, no big deal.-Notebooks come in grids, lines, or blank pages for doodling.
          Notebooks can be found here, but are also really easy to find while you are out on your travels.  Covers are here.
        5.  Travel Comforts
          -Earplugs for when it’s too loud to sleep.
          -Sleep mask for when it’s too bright to sleep.
          -Travel Pillow, to keep your head from logging about as you capture a little bit of a nap.You know when you travel you’re not always going to get the best sleep.
          We often doze off in airports, long bus rides, and sometimes cab rides (only when there are 2 of us traveling!)
          So we have this handy set of travel comforts to keep us snoozing.

    Bonus! Don’t leave home without it!

    While we’re both avid readers and podcast listeners, we’ve both found that Audio books are the answer for long term travel entertainment. We’ve each got our own audible subscription, and often swap phones to share the latest book we just “read”. Give it a try Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks


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