Cruising for Newbies

10 Tips for Cruising the First Time

Congratulations! You have just booked your first cruise! Whether you are sailing off to the tropics of the Caribbean or the chilly wonder of Alaska,  here are 10 tips that will make your first trip memorable.

  1. Buy travel insurance.
    In case anything happens, travel insurance will keep you safe. Miss your cruise because of Hurricane Harvey? Travel Insurance has you covered. Get sick right before your trip and you can’t go? Travel Insurance has you covered.
  2. Read all the Cruise Documentation Carefully.
    When I booked my first cruise, I didn’t realize that checking in was completely different then checking in for a flight. Instead of waiting until 24 hours before your cruise to check in, you check in weeks, even months before.
  3. Pack an extra outfit.
    You never know what kind of adventure or opportunity will come your way cruising. Having an extra outfit has you covered when the weather changes when you decide to dress up a second night for the steak house, or when you get invited to the captains cocktail hour.
  4. Bring a power strip.
    Outlets in cruise cabins are limited. Bringing a spare power cord without a surge projector will allow you to keep your electronic devices charged up.
  5. Turn your phone into airplane mode.
    Putting your phone into airplane mode removes the chances that you will rack up a crazy phone bill. You can turn wifi and bluetooth back on. (Wifi is available for purchase)
  6. Talk to people.
    If you are traveling as a couple or even as a small group, it’s nice to meet new people as you travel. Those at the pool with you, those you share a dinner table with, even those in line with you during embarkation can give a little color and personality to your trip.
  7. Arrive a day early.
    If you are flying to the port, fly in a day before. It reduces the risk that you will miss the ship because of delay and allows you to take your time getting to the port.
  8. Ask questions
    If you are unsure of anything, ask! There is customer service, entertainment staff, dining staff, housekeeping and many other crew members dedicated to making sure you have a great time.
  9. Take advantage of free events.
    There are lots of free events, from minigolf tourneys to crafting sessions, karaoke nights and game shows. Take advantage of them and you might just win a prize
  10. But be aware of extra expenses, they add up.
    While there are plenty of free events, there are also pay to play events.  While they are fun, the costs can add up. This includes Paint and Sip events, casino events, and some special tours of the ship.

These 10 tips will get you started on your new cruising hobby.




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